10 Best Foods for Having Healthy Hair All the Time

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Long, strong, silky and shiny hair is a dream of every girl though everyone doesn’t have it. However, keeping your scalp healthy is necessary but one of the most important issues of this is your diet chart. May be you are not eating healthy foods that will make your hair gorgeous. Are you shocked? Yeah, it’s normal because for getting healthy hair you must need to keep your inside health sound. That’s why we are going to reveal the names of some foods that really play a big role on your hair growth.

These Foods for Having Healthy Hair


First thing you need to get a healthy hair is protein. And eggs provide lots of protein, which is enough for making your hair strong and glossy. You may have noticed that almost all the salons out there provide costly protein treatment for hair. You can take those treatments also but this cannot be an alternative. So, you must keep eggs in your daily diet list.

Citrus Fruits

For absorbing iron your body needs Vitamin C. So, you have to eat citrus fruits everyday. Most of the nutritionists recommend one lime per day, which is enough for meeting your need. Again you can drink nimbu paani with honey and also eat oranges. These are a great source of Vitamin C and work effectively to grow your hair.


Vitamin A is required for growing your hair fast and carrots contains it in a large scale. So, you should drink at least one glass of carrot juice everyday in the morning. It not only helps your scalp to produce natural sebum oil but also keeps roots healthy that result in gorgeous, shiny hair.


Avocado contains Vitamin E that helps to increase blood circulation. It also works effectively for making hair healthy by helping the follicles to work efficiently. It is also rich in mono-saturated fats that are helps to have a longer hair. So, you have to eat it daily by making salad or smoothie.


Iron is a very important thing for your hair and if you suffer from iron deficiency then you’ll face a huge hair loss. Again if your body lacks of nutrients and oxygen then your hair roots become weak. However, spinach is such a vegetable that is enriched with iron. So, eat spinach regularly for having a healthy and shiny hair.


Guava is a seasonal fruit enriched with Vitamin C. It prevents your hair from breaking down. You have to eat it three to four times in a day for getting better result. It plays a great role for making your hair healthy, silky and shiny. Red guavas are more effective than white ones.


Another important thing for your hair is zinc. If your body lacks this mineral then it can cause hair and eyelash loss, dry scalp, frizzy hair etc. For fulfilling your need you can have oysters regularly. It is good source of zinc that can make your hair healthy by preventing hair loss.

Sweet potatoes

If your hair loses its shine then sweet potatoes will work magically because it is enriched with beta carotene. It provides lots of Vitamin A into your hair that protect against dullness and dryness. It also helps to produce sebum (oily fluid) that increases the glow of your hair.  


For making your hair healthy omega-3 fatty acid is a very important ingredient. Since your body can’t produce it you have to get it from food or other supplements. And salmon is such seafood that helps you to get a healthy and shiny hair ever after.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is rich in Vitamin B5 that helps to increase the flow of blood through your scalp. It results in the fastest growth of your hair and also prevents hair loss. So, try to have it everyday.



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